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About Us

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Happy Smile Dental Inc. 

Happy Smile Dental begins its activities in 2004 in the state of California, with great success in the Community in general, especially the Hispanic Community. Always providing a preventive and educational approach. Our offices have been designed to meet the needs of our patients, both adults and children. Our dentists are general doctors with a lot of experience in the management of the child patient.

Happy Smile Dental then moves to the state of Virginia starting its services in the city of Manassas and currently the city of Woodbridge.


In Happy Smile Dental we recognize the different needs of each patient which are attended by General Dentists dedicated to the care of Comprehensive Oral Health of the Adult patient and General Dentist with extensive experience in behavior management and child patient care.

Happy Smile Dental offers optimal and comprehensive care to all its patients with its “In House Membership Dental Plan” which is a plan with multiple benefits and discounts for patients who do not have Dental Insurance.

The Care of Oral Health needs is our main priority and it is our objective to provide Optimal Dental care, obtaining in this way the respect and loyalty of our patients.


To create a healthier community by providing a comprehensive and quality dental service in an efficient a personalized environment.


Position ourselves as the model entity in oral health services with the recognition and loyalty of the community.


One of the benefits offered by Happy Smile Dental Inc. offers is the access to our “IN HOUSE DENTAL PLAN” created to provide dental care to patients without a dental insurance.

With an annual membership you and your family will have access to:
Annual exams, xrays completely FREE.
Prophylaxis FREE
Emergency’s consults FREE
Big discount over all the treatments
Different Technology
Different services
Satisfied Patients